• Janet Sibanda

The Weight She Carries

The Weight She Carries is the name of a platform, but more profoundly, it is the description of a woman's journey in this world.

Throughout the full spectrum of her life, a woman carries so much pain and many struggles, more times than once, manifesting in differing complexities at different or simultaneous phases of her existence.

Often times we never truly appreciate that each person has a journey we know nothing of, and may never be privy to; as we only see the outward smiles and strength.

Today I share the experience of a friend. A fellow mom, a sister, a writer; who has committed her time to unearthing and breathing life, and recognition into the life-stories of women she encounters. Today she shares her own story.

Vimbai's articulation of her pain and loss, bundled up in restoration, recovery, and healing is a true inspiration and reminder, that we are being called for a higher purpose. You can read her article here. May you be uplifted and draw strength from this story of truth, courage, and hope.

Each life, each experience, each journey should not end in pain. May your weight, be the birth of a phenomenal legacy!

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