• Janet Sibanda

Talking Twins

I have always wondered what it would be like to birth and care for multiples. Before becoming a mother, my prayers were, 'Lord, please bless me with twins!" I didn't want triplets, not quadruplets or more. I only wanted twins.

Needless to say, God saw it fit that I have my blessings one and at a time. In hindsight, I am happy and grateful that God knew me better than I knew myself.

Our Guest for this post is mom to twin boys, Chido Chamanga. Not only is she a mom, but she is also an Accountant, Business Woman, Wife and Social Support System for women raising families. Chido and I get to talk about her pregnancy and why she started her platform - Mommy neMwana on Instagram and her hopes and dreams for the space.

Please click the video before to listen in on our conversation.

Be Blessed

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