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Talking Fibroids

Fibroid, a word you now hear in almost every second conversation. It's either you are suffering from them, or someone you know is. In this posting, we are taken on a painful personal journey, by one of our guests, Gladys, as she narrates her difficult ordeal with Fibroids.

Also with us, is Guest Expert, Dr. Vita; a Holistic Menstrual Coach who helps women with irregular periods, infertility, PCOS, fibroids, and other hormonal issues, restore their reproductive imbalances. Dr. Vita empowers women worldwide to take charge of their health so they can improve their fertility. She does this by showing women tools they can use to prepare themselves mentally, emotionally & physically so they can improve their reproductive health. Her holistic approach to reproductive health focuses on the detoxification of hormone-disrupting chemicals combined with the consumption of nutritive foods and herbal remedies.

We are super excited to share this discussion with you, as it is indeed a modern-day staple, which we know very little about. You can watch the discussion right here in the video embedded at the end of this article.

Please feel free to like, follow or contact Dr. Vita on her Social media platforms- Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

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