• Janet Sibanda

Sticks and Stones - An Expert Point of View

A few months ago, I shared an article about how I grew up with many nicknames. Most of which brought about infinite misery to my life. Personally, I felt that names contributed to my low self-esteem and very meek personality. Thankfully, I was able to overcome them. However, I then thought it would be interesting to dissect my article with a professional in order to get an expert point of view. I must say, the findings were staggering, not only for me, but it has helped me understand my own children and their personalities from a whole other perspective.

Our guest this week, Vongai Munatsi, shares her views about my sticks and stones in this podcast.here. You can also listen to it on youtube. Her primary focus being, to help me understand the full impact of those names on my daily life as well as share some strategies break the loop of repetition.

Vongai Munatsi is a registered Clinical Psychologist who lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe. She has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Cape Town. She is currently the Resident Clinical Psychologist at Highlands HalfwayHouse (HHH) & Mandara Manor, which are the first Private Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres in Zimbabwe. Vongai has a special interest in working with children, seeing them grow and achieve their full potential. She conducts parenting classes to assist parents, guardians and caregivers to raise their children well so as to avoid mental health challenges in the future. She is also passionate about creating community interventions that address the many social and psychological challenges that hinder people from fulfilling their potential.

As you can see, Vongai is all about mental wellness, which translates to all-round wellness. Please feel free to contact Vongai on the details provided in the flyer below, or you can contact +263 78 340 3051 for bookings.

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