• Janet Sibanda

Period Love

Recently, I sat down in a live stream to discuss the issue of periods with Dr Vita, a Woman's Health Specialist.

My period and I were never friends, until recently. Dr Vita and I talked about all things menstruation, as it relates to reproduction. This was such an eye-opening and fun conversation, where I got to learn more and understand myself better.

During the Livestream, a partner asked how men can step in and support women and their daughters during their period? This was truly revolutionary in that, historically, menstrual health has always been a preserve for the individual woman/girl. Now, as the times are changing, these natural, once hushed about processes can be embraced and supported wholistically to build stronger families, communities and systems. After all, without periods there is no us. Therefore, periods and their effects ought to be discussed openly more often in homes, schools and workspaces.

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