• Janet Sibanda

Parenting Digital Natives

This week, we are joined by Edith Utete in an eye-opening discussion about Parenting Digital Natives. Who are these Digital Natives?

We get to understand the origins of some practices children employ when they are afraid or feel unsupported. We get to understand that, in as much as our children exist in a community and are supported by members of that community, they still long for the support and involvement of their parents in their everyday lives.

Edith, as you all know is the founder of The Violet Room and DigitalAgeConversations- promoting safe and responsible internet use for children, parents, educators, and businesses.

As always, sit back, relax, and listen in, as she and I lift the digital veil.

You can find Digital Age Conversations on Facebook and Instagram for additional training and support in navigating this vital yet highly untamed domain.

Our podcast this week, Parenting Digital Natives

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