• Janet Sibanda

Natural Post-Partum Care - Part 1

I was having a conversation with my good friend Dr Nyarai Paweni on the many struggles I experienced postpartum. For one thing, my stitches took way longer to heal with my second child birthing experience than they did with the first. I had so much going wrong physically, and my mental state was also starting to suffer. Needless to say, there lay a little baby boy, helpless, needing his mom to take care of him.

I know so many women have had their fair share of postpartum drama. Dr. Nyari will take us through her recommendations for postpartum care and support using natural and homeopathic remedies and herbs.

Dr. Paweni is a Naturopathic Physician/ Wellness Thought Leader/Life-Style Medicine & Mental Wellness Enthusiast. She has a heart of gold. For one on one consultations with Dr. Nyari, please feel free to contact her on the details provided at the end of her article here.

Enjoy today's read.

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