• Janet Sibanda

My Journey with Autism

Diversity is the cornerstone of human existence. It is the truest form of individuality and uniqueness endowed to us all by God. We all come packaged differently and in our difference, we are all fearfully and wonderfully made.

Our platform is honoured to share the life-story of my dear friend and heroine, Loveness, as she walks us through her journey of denial, discovery, and acceptance when she learnt her daughter has Autism. Loveness is a mom to a phenomenal little girl, who will take the world by storm. Like any parent, Loveness, hopes to be the best parent she can be and to live a fulfilling life with her daughter.

May we be enlightened, encouraged, and strengthened by this sharing. May our views of diversity always be seasoned with compassion and kindness, as we never know the journey each person is on. Lastly, the key take home from this article is to be alert and vigilant in tracking and assessing our children's developmental milestones. Early identification and intervention may be key to unlocking your child's fullest potential.

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