• Janet Sibanda

Mommy you are worth it!

Today I am beyond ecstatic and honoured to share a lived experience, besides my own. Her story is one of hurdles and mounting feelings of inadequacy, imposed by a system so rigid and inconsiderate, she had to make a decision! This story is one of real people, living real lives, changing real lives.

We welcome our guest writer, Edith Utete to the Mwanangu~Mntanami Family. Let me take a breath for this one. Edith is the founder of the Violet Room and DigitalAgeConversations- promoting safe and responsible internet use for children, parents, educators and businesses. She also is Zimbabwe Chapter Lead for Women in Tech Africa, a resident blogger for QuintessentialF.com, founding Member of Women in Law Connect and last but not least Success Coach, Mentor and award Winning Best Selling Author. Please join us here, as we get a glimpse of the journey she traveled.

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