• Janet Sibanda

Little Manes Tamed

Here it is, the article all moms to little girls have been waiting for. A highly sought after article, which I'm sure will not only work for our daughters but cover us moms too.

Introducing Children and Natural Haircare written by Shingai Ziki our Natural Hair Consultant who is also a Qualified Hairdresser, Salon Owner- Afrokink Zim (Afrokink Facebook and Instagram) and Trichology Scholar. She is also a Programme Management, Education and Media & Communications Specialist.

Shingai's article is an amazing response to my article Queen, Own Your Crown. In her response, Shingai details the hair care tips and tricks mommy's can employ to ensure they nurture, retain and sustain the inherent beauty and quality of their daughter's hair. It's the little habits that can last a lifetime.

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