• Janet Sibanda

Kwakanaka here ikoko?

How many of us have heard that term before? Is everything ok physically, emotionally or financially... but most importantly physically? The statement used to establish why you haven't got kids. Why, as you walked down the isle, you didn't go through all 3 trimesters of pregnancy and give birth as you got to the end of the red carpet ? Why you have reached a certain age and you are spouseless? Kwanaka here ikoko?

I want to take a moment to pause and savour this second in time... as I announce our first ever sharing from one of our Dads. Introducing Mr. Anon Zimba, a father of two, husband to one. Dedicated and devoted to his wife as you shall read, and also dedicated to raising two happy, healthy, and beautiful girls. He tells us of his journey from son to husband to dad.

You will find the link to our article here. Please read and give him all the support. It is his desire to share more pieces of writing, documenting his personal mind matters as a father, son, and husband.

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Thank you and stay blessed.

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