• Janet Sibanda

Depression in pregnant women.

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

When my friend Rachel volunteered to share her experience with antenatal and postnatal (baby blues) depression, I never imagined I would be reliving my own traumas from second pregnancy. I then realized that many of us go through stuff and are held back from sharing because of so many barriers around us and in our own minds.

It is amazing how in those moments basic skills, logic, and so much more can be deleted from your headspace. While at the same time, small comments, expectations and experiences can also send you into a whirlwind of the unknown.

Please give my friend some love, as you read of her experience with depression during her second pregnancy here.

I also want to put out a call to anyone else female and male; willing to share their experiences with deep sadness to get in touch so we can raise awareness on these issues as well as let those who are going through this know they are not alone. Yes, men too go through their fair share of struggles during this time; be it the sense of helplessness when watching their partner go through so much, or the weight of expectation from self or society as they consider fatherhood. You are welcome to share audio or videos of your experiences on this email. I too, will share my story along side you.

Blessings to you all.

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