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Depression In and Post Pregnancy- Wadzanai's story Part 1

Pregnancy for some can be rosy, however, for most women, it is no walk in the park. Many struggle in silence due to fear of being called weak, fear of the unknown, resulting in fear of asking because women are just "expected" to know these things. Fear of the shame/ridicule that comes with speaking out about struggling. Sometimes even fears we carry alone because some issues are too delicate to share with others.

Our special guest Wadzanai Garwe shares her ordeal about finding out she was HIV positive and being pregnant at a time when the science in the field was still evolving. She talks about her fears and the constant nagging thoughts that rang at the back of her mind before and after the birth of her son and realizing she was depressed.

Wadzi and I had so much to talk about; this conversation developed into a 4 part series. It is our hope that someone will find comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone and that pregnancies differ from person to person. Some will have the Tv experience and others will literally be living from one day to the next.

Please click the video below for Episode 1, and take a walk in the life of another, for a different perspective. Kindly share widely, as this experience can help someone who may be struggling. If you want to reach out to us, kindly email mwanangu.mntanami@gmail.com.

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