• Janet Sibanda

Depression During and Post Pregnancy Part 4 -Series Finale

We have reached the end of our beautiful story-telling journey with Wadzanai Garwe. I must say, reliving those difficult moments certainly gives the statement, 'this too shall pass', a lot more meaning in our lives.

In Part 4, I talk about how this handsome young man made an unexpected, theatrical (to say the least) entrance into our lives. His life and existence can only be perfectly summed up in his middle name, Cebolenkosi, God's plan. He truly is a desire from God's own heart. I am grateful that God's plan was stronger than my dark thoughts and that God's plan was stronger when I was at my weakest. Today, I am happier because this little guy is in my world.

In conclusion, people experience all manner of struggles and challenges. We each have thresholds for what we can endure. Compassion and kindness, should take center stage in situations where your understanding is limited. You, are not the litmus test for which all of humanity should base their experiences. We each have our individual strengths and weaknesses.

I personally took my time to share this video because of how personal some of my reflections were, however, I am sharing to give someone out there hope, that 'this too shall pass. In a world so quick and ready to judge, depression and sadness can be excruciatingly isolating. Let your default setting be love and understanding.

I hope you enjoy the final instalment in this series. Please feel free to reach out if you need support. Don't forget to share, like and comment on the video. Thank you for staying tuned through to the end.


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