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Depression During and Post Pregnancy Part 3- Janet's 1st baby

Here we are, Part three of our Depression During and Post Pregnancy Series.

We thank Wadzanai for her heart, her courage and her passion to light up the dark spaces, where many are lost and feel alone. Thank you for being the beckon of hope and assurance that every dark moment eventually passes. Sometimes the situation may not change, but with courage and hope, we can adapt and thrive. God bless you darling.

Wadzanai's story is a tough act to follow. So here we go!

Part 3, has me; (Janet) sharing my journey into motherhood. As I sit here now, reflecting on our conversation, I realize that some traumas can be so scarring that we bury them so deep, we forget we even experienced them. The operative idea when you are going through the valley being, 'keep it moving!' That said, this is my take on what I remembered at the time of the recording.

In this segment of my journey, I talk about how I came to be a mom to this beauty we see in the photo with me. A being I love so deeply, that when I look back at the struggles now, I say, if that's what was required for me to hold you, I'm glad you are here in spite of the circumstances.

P.S, Wadzanai has a way of making heavy things feel lighter.

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