• Janet Sibanda

An Open Letter To My Unborn Daughter

From the very beginning, the knowledge of becoming a parent more often than not evokes deep emotions and desires to mould, protect, and instruct your growing baby. You start to imagine child's life from infancy to old age. Their entire life literally flashes through your mind as you begin to put the building blocks of their existence into place. The goal being, to equip your child for success and happiness, however that may be defined.

Today we have our regular Dad, Elton Gomori, share a heartfelt letter he wrote to his daughter when she was just a pregnancy. This is an article that was first written and published in 2018, and we are sharing it here today. Though she may no longer be a pregnancy, we are excited to tour the mind and heart of a father, as he examined the world we live in, and what it would mean to bring up a daughter in that world.

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Be blessed

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