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Baby skin vs Adult skin

Talking skin with our two - Dermatologists Dr. Vallarie Mashavave and Dr. Rulani Makondo.

As we all know, in most cases babies do not come with a manual and we cannot use a one size fits all approach to managing them. We literally have to learn as we go with each child. Learning as we go means making mistakes and learning from them, or catching a lucky break and sticking to it.

Learning about our children is all the more important, as we get to understand each child's unique skin properties. You never know what you are getting with your children and have to be all the more attentive to what you expose your child to as well as their individual responses and reactions to environmental stimulants.

Our two skin experts walk us through a personal experience that shaped a system of knowledge and understanding management of the vast difference between adult and baby skin. They then delve into a very common condition - Eczema; experienced by infants and supportive management practices that can reduce the discomfort for both baby and parents.

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Dr. V. Mashavave is a medical doctor who holds an MSc in Clinical Dermatology and a Fellow in Aesthetic Dermatology with the University of Griefswald Germany can be found at the Dermacare Center at 21 Mimosa Court, 19 Baines Avenue, Cnr. Blackiston Avenue, Harare. or on email

Dr. R. Makondo also a medical doctor who a Dermatology Registrar at the University of Witwatersrand

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