Hello, Welcome to Mwanangu~Mntanami

Mwanangu~Mntanami is a concept that was birthed from my experiences as a potential mom, expecting mom, and finally mother to two amazing human beings, right here in Zimbabwe. I had an expectation of what my journey would or should have been, however, the lived experience took me down a different path. I found so many information, service, and access gaps. Frustration to say the least, was a precursor to nearly every avenue it took. Most importantly, I had very little control or access to what I felt I wanted as a mom. 

It is from this experience that I pondered, I am the only one to have experienced this? After speaking to friends and family who traveled the same path, I came to realize I was not alone in my misfortunes. 

As a result, since my first pregnancy, I have embarked on an amazing journey to bridge the gaps in information, service provision and access to services to ensure that other families choose the maternity experience  they want.

On my blog, I will share my personal experiences and those of my friends who are willing. I will also be featuring different service providers, debunking myths, and providing proper guidance on how to manage a pregnancy in Zimbabwe. It's all about blooming where we are planted.

Thank you for coming to spend time with us.

Janet Sibanda


I am a human development professional, who found my passion in making lives better for women and children.